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Welcome to mnazi moja

Mnazi mmoja is a school loacted in mnazi mmoja area in kongwea .The school was started early in the year 2017 to provide quality education to nearby is open to all students. it is a mixed day school situated in a serene environment to enh


we hereby announce that we have vacancies in form 1 form 2 form 3 and form 4 classes we charge pocket friendly fees for all students and fees can be paid in installments

Teaching staff

Mnazi mmoja high school is blessed with experienced and highly qualified teachers who have a passion for ensuring that students excel in their sudies. They include the following 1.Mr Maurice Etyang 2.Mr Rashid barasa 3.Mr. ken kochoudho 4.Mr ken

subjects offered

The school offers a variety of subjects including 1.Mathematics 2.english 3.kiswahili 4.physics 5.biology 6.chemistry 7.CRE 8.geography 9.history 10agriculture studies

students council

The school is headed by a team of visionary student leaders who ensure easier interraction between students and teachers the student leaders are elected democratically and include the following 1.Mercy karani-chairlady 2.Alvin wanjala-deputy stude


mnazi mmoja high school has vibrant clubs thta serve to enhance exposure to the students and nature talent some of the clubs in the school include club 2.christian union 3.wildlife 4.agriculture johns ambulence


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